Bronze Membership

As a Bronze member, you'll have unrestricted access to redemptions of entries in our monthly Sweepstakes prize draws, where 20 prizes are distributed to our lucky members with a total prize pool in excess of £250.

How do I achieve Bronze Membership status?

Advancement to Bronze membership level is simple and instantly achievable. To reach Bronze membership, you need to have;

  • Verified your email address
  • Completed your contact details for delivery of prizes/redemptions. 

The moment you verify your email address, you'll receive 1,000 Reward Points and as soon as you complete your contact details, you'll receive another 5,000 Reward Points into your account. To verify your email address, ensure you have your correct email address recorded in the Personal Details page of your account and click the "verify" link next to your email address to complete the simple verification process. Complete the remaining details on the page to instantly advance to Bronze membership.

If you have any queries about your membership level, or advancement to other levels, please don't hesitate to contact us

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